interior architect:
Iar.ariful Islam & team
Anontex Group
2 month
project type:
Interior Design


Studio Apartment Interior Design in Dhaka is a fairly new concept but is gaining popularity rapidly in the urban areas across the globe. As most apartments these days can be quite expensive to buy, this kind of apartment can be cost effective and self-contained. Efficient apartment is the ideal term to describe studio apartment interior design in Dhaka because a single unit of flat comprises of all the essentials of a house. Zero Inch Interior’s worked in the creation of an ultra livable micro apartment by optimizing every corner of it.

The 350 square foot studio apartment interior design in Dhaka was made for the foreign technician of the buying house company, Anontex. Located at Uttara, the layout of the apartment was kept fluid and multi functional. The apartment consists of 1 bed room, 1 dining, living and kitchen area and 1 toilet. We aimed for a modern, warm, playful and inviting Hotel like interior.  Hence the apartment follows the theme of a stylish boutique hotel room. The design features innovative built-in furniture and integrated storage that maximizes square footage. With a neutral palette of wooden brown and white, the place looks spacious and clutter-free. The apartment is decked out with features found at a trendy lodgings all placed in a manner that doesn’t look congested.

The drawback of a studio apartment interior design in Dhaka is that it has limited space. While you can’t magically expand the footprints of an apartment space, you can definitely maximize every bit of the space by proper space planning and the right furniture. Hence, we had to get highly creative in designing the storage unit to hide all the clutters. The design features a half diving wall in order to separate the sleeping area from other areas of the house. This wall was introduced with intent of providing privacy to the owner in situations when guests are expected.  The toilet space was skillfully placed in between the bedroom and the living and dining area. The headboard of the bed does double-duty as a wall, turning one space into two. It cleverly partitions the bedroom from the rest of the space. On the other side of the partition, a series of stacked shelves and cabinet was installed. White surface are used on the facade of this cabinet to make the space look brighter, larger also to provide and added contrasting to the brown wooden touch. The cabinets made of MDF board and lacquer finish help to conceal all the clutters behind closed doors. Ceramic double glazed ceramic tiles covers the floors making it look sleek.  Furthermore, innovative solutions such as the mini dining table and a kitchen console create more space for dining and working. All the furniture was made from scratch by Zero Inch Furniture.

Studio apartment interior design in Dhaka is simply a smart way of living especially for people who are hi-tech and eco-conscious. We tried to make the most out of every nook and cranny to create separate living areas in this apartment.