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“This project masters the formal-informal workplace look. It is a dynamic Buying House Office Interior designed maintaining flexibility”

This is one of our newest buying house office interior projects. Trustex Limited is one the leading Apparel Buying agents in Bangladesh working for American and European Buyer for over a decade.  For their recently relocated office at Uttara, S.M Tower, Jashimuddin Road, Trustex Limited hired Zero Inch Interior’s Ltd to design a workplace that met the demands of the brand’s creative and dynamic employees. Our team has aimed to maintain an open collaborative space, while simultaneously defining private offices for different types of work. The result is a modern buying house office interior that encourages innovation within an organized environment.

While designing the office, we were looking a work place that maintained the traditional office culture while embracing modernity at the same time.  Since our client had been in business for so many years, they upheld an organizational hierarchy. They needed a work environment which perfectly balanced formal and informal.  So finally, we arrived at a decision to design an open plan layout that also included separate enclosed spaces for the senior management.


The 3500 sft buying house office interior comprises of a reception and waiting area, mini discussion room, room for 3 directors, a workstation for 24 employees, conference room, 5 executive rooms and a display room.

For any buying house office interior, a storage system is very crucial. In their previous office, the workstation was jam-packed with small cubicles and little storage. Hence, materials and samples cluttered desks, meeting spaces and circulation areas. The new interior design is better-equipped to meet the demands of a buying house office.








kitchen area


The office is has been organized with three ranges of spatial experiences. The public space includes a lively corridor, reception and waiting area. The semi-private space is an open working space, and lastly, the private spaces are enclosed. This idea gives the office a sense of place.

We have considered a highly efficient layout with a proper aisle for circulation and elements are grounded neatly. The type of office and its work culture drove us to design and plan such way. An extensive amount of storage system is offered within work spaces keeping it neat and inviting for clients.

As for the design itself, we used a neutral base palette with white and wooden brown as dominant shades.  This delivers a sense of place and makes the space visually soothing.  Certain areas like the meeting room, director’s room, and reception are slightly elevated to break the monotony of space layout.  For instance, upon entering the office, there is an elevated space for reception and mini discussion room.

We have tried to bring a raw, industrial look to our design with metal finishes and exposed ceiling. However, the more formal zones have false ceilings. One interesting element is the ceiling of the workstation where the exposed ceiling was embellished with suspended button-like accents.


The floors are covered with carpet tiles and HDF wooden flooring.  All the furniture of this buying house office interior was made from scratch by Zero Inch Interior’s. We mainly used materials like oak veneer board white Matt lamination board, black oak lamination board to furnish the office space.

The entire workplace encourages natural daylight with broad windows.  As for the artificial lighting, general work spaces are given white LED panel light while display accent lights are warm.  Track lights were used for highlighting product and LED Sport light was installed for general illumination.  Through the use of open ceilings, and natural materials, and abundant greenery, Zero Inch Interior’s created a relaxed and environmentally friendly setting that inspires staff members to work together.